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Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR has a mission to explore the unfolding story of America through the display of its diverse artistic expressions. Their We the People exhibit showcases American art that explores the concept of democracy, citizenship, and civil rights. The exhibit aims to engage visitors in conversations about the themes and ideas presented in the artwork. To enhance the visitor experience, the museum needed an interactive display that would allow visitors to participate in the conversation.


The goals of the interactive display were to:

  • Engage visitors in conversation and reflection about the themes presented in the artwork.
  • Allow visitors an opportunity to reflect on their thoughts and experiences related to citizenship, democracy, and civil rights.
  • Collect engagement analytics to help the museum improve the exhibit and future displays.


The design of the interactive display was informed by the exhibit's themes and the museum's mission. The display was located in a central area where visitors could easily access it. The design consisted of a large touch screen display that allowed visitors to view and engage with the artwork, designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with minimal instructions needed for visitors to participate.


The development of the interactive display involved a multidisciplinary team, including content strategists, UX/UI designers, developers, and content creators. The team collaborated closely with the museum's curators to ensure that the content was accurate and aligned with the exhibit's themes. The display was built using web technologies, allowing for flexibility and ease of maintenance.


The interactive display was launched with the We the People exhibit and was immediately popular with visitors. The museum staff was able to collect engagment data from visitors, which helped them improve the exhibit and future displays.

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