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Fit Body is a mobile fitness app founded by Anna Victoria, a fitness influencer and entrepreneur. The app aims to provide users with a comprehensive fitness experience that goes beyond just workout routines. This case study outlines the design, development, and branding process that went into creating Fit Body.

First Steps

When Fit Body first reached out to us, they had just launched the initial version of their app for iOS. They were looking for a new partner to develop an Android version and fix issues with the current application. We flew to their HQ and spent several days planning out the roadmap and feature list for where they wanted to take their mobile app. Considering existing issues with their iOS app and desire for a comparable Android application, we felt best to build on a solid foundation using React Native. This lead to a long successful relationship built on trust and confidence.


Before diving into development, we were able to take the initial interface designs and improve the quality, fix accessibility concerns, and restructure the user journey.

We started by creating wireframes for the app and ran several user tests to identify any usability issues. The feedback we received from users was instrumental in shaping the final design of the app.

The final design of Fit Body features a clean and modern interface that is easy to navigate while staying within their established brand identity.


Using Agile development methodology, we implemented the initial redesign which allowed us to iterate quickly and adapt to changing requirements. We developed the app for both iOS and Android platforms using React Native, which allowed us to create a single codebase that could be used across both platforms. This gave us the flexibility to work quickly and implement updates in sprints so that the design team could work ahead on future releases.

One of the key features of Fit Body is a users ability to select workout programs based on the user’s fitness level and goals, along with building a meal program w/ food tracking. This made Fit Body the first fitness application to offer both of these aspects of well rounded fitness training.


The branding of Fit Body was a crucial aspect of the design process. We wanted the brand to reflect Anna Victoria’s personality and values while also appealing to a broad audience. We worked closely with Anna to develop a brand identity that was both fun and inspiring.

The Fit Body brand is centered around the idea of “empowerment through fitness.” We wanted the brand to inspire users to take control of their fitness journey and achieve their goals. The brand’s tagline, “Become your best self,” reflects this idea.


Designing, developing, and branding Fitbody was a complex process that required a deep understanding of both the fitness industry and mobile app development. Through collaboration with Anna Victoria and a focus on user experience, we were able to create a mobile app that is engaging, intuitive, and inspiring.

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