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Food & Beverage

Sterling Market is a new food hall concept located in Little Rock, Arkansas's East Village neighborhood. The Sterling Market project aims to provide a unique dining experience to the local community by bringing together a variety of food vendors, specialty grocers, and artisanal producers under one roof. Our team was tasked with branding, designing, and developing a website for Sterling Market to promote the new food hall and attract customers.

Brand Identity

To create a cohesive brand identity for Sterling Market, we first conducted extensive research into the local food scene and the East Village neighborhood. We identified several key themes that we wanted to incorporate into the brand, including community, diversity, and quality. Based on these themes, we developed a logo and color palette that would reflect the Sterling Market brand.

Website Design

Our next step was to design a website for Sterling Market that would showcase the food hall's unique features and attract customers. We focused on creating a clean, modern design that would be easy to navigate and provide all the necessary information about the unique East Village spot.

The homepage features a large hero image of the Sterling Market interior, with a prominent call-to-action button inviting visitors to learn more about the food hall. The top navigation menu includes links to the different sections of the website, such as the food vendors, specialty grocers, and events.

We also created custom illustrations and icons to help visually communicate the different sections of the website. For example, the food vendors section features illustrations of different types of food, while the events section includes icons for music, art, and other cultural events that will take place at Sterling Market.

Often it's the little additional touches of custom icons, illustration or animation that can take a website experience to the next level.

Website Development

Finally, we built the Sterling Market website using a responsive design approach, ensuring that it would look and function properly on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

We used a customized Wordpress content management system (CMS) to allow the Sterling Market team to easily update the website with new information and events. We also integrated social media feeds into the website to promote Sterling Market's presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Through our work on the Sterling Market branding, website design, and development, we were able to create a cohesive brand identity and online presence for the new food hall. The Sterling Market website serves as a powerful marketing tool, showcasing it's unique dining/drink options and attracting customers from the local community and beyond.

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