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Web App


Supply Chain & Logistics

Schlep is a Chicago based logistics company that uses technology to solve the problem of last mile delivery around major metroplexes. Schlep's custom web application connects customers with local drivers who are available to deliver oversize packages, furniture, art, and other items that have traditionally required a complex network of specialized professionals. The Few team has been supporting Schlep with development and design tasks for over two years, but in its latest iteration our team was responsible for designing the user interface (UI), user experience (UX) for a new and improved booking flow to reduce friction signing up and booking a Schlep.

UX Design

To ensure a seamless user experience, our team focused on creating a streamlined booking workflow. We wanted the process of creating a delivery request to be as easy as possible. Our team conducted user testing to identify pain points and areas for improvement.

Few's UX design process started by researching the target audience and their needs. We found that our users wanted an easy-to-use interface that was visually appealing and intuitive. Our team used Figma to create a wireframe of the application, which allowed us to test the layout and placement of elements.

UI Design

The final UI design of the application applied unique styles on top of the proven simple and user-friendly interface. The user is greeted with a login screen, where they can either create a new account or sign in. Once logged in, the user can create a new delivery request or view their current and past requests. The home screen also features a search bar, which allows users to search for specific items and make their Schlep request.

In Progress

The new booking flow is currently under development, where we continue to focus on creating a scalable architecture that can handle a large volume of users.

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