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Web App


Health & Fitness

The goal of Medlief is to provide a platform that accommodates the busy schedules and lifestyle preferences of healthcare professionals while helping clinics with their staffing needs.

Research and Analysis

The project started with extensive research and analysis to understand the challenges faced by medical and veterinary clinics and healthcare professionals. We conducted interviews and surveys to gather insights on scheduling difficulties, staffing shortages, and preferences for flexible work arrangements.

User Experience Design

Based on our research findings, we took a user-centered design approach to create an intuitive and user-friendly web application. Our design team created wireframes and prototypes to visualize Medlief's key features, which include the ability for clinics to post available shifts and for healthcare professionals to browse and apply for those shifts.

Development and Testing

During the development phase, we built Medlief using the latest technologies and frameworks. We followed agile development methodologies to ensure continuous feedback and collaboration between our team and stakeholders. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure Medlief's functionality, performance, and security.

Designing the Logo and Branding

We focused on creating a strong brand identity for Medlief by designing a compelling logo to reflect the resourcefulness, and of the UI. Our design team conducted extensive research on industry trends and competitor branding to ensure that Medlief's logo stood out. After several iterations, we finalized a logo that incorporated distinctive elements representing adaptability and connection. The color palette consisted of black, white and blue tones, reflecting the industry while maintaining a clean and modern feel. A custom typeface was developed from the tile elements of the logo to enhance the brand recognition across all media. To accompany the logo and typeface we developed branding guidelines to ensure consistency across touch points, creating a lasting impression on users.

Deployment and Launch

Once development and testing were successfully completed, we deployed the Medlief app and marketing website which was built in Webflow.

Results and Impact

Medlief is revolutionizing the way medical and veterinary clinics connect with doctors and veterinarians. It provides a convenient and efficient solution for healthcare professionals to find shifts that fit their schedule and lifestyle, while helping clinics address staffing gaps effectively. The app's user base continues to grow, and it has received positive feedback for its usability and effectiveness. By addressing the unique challenges faced by clinics and healthcare professionals, Medlief has made a significant impact in improving scheduling flexibility and workforce management in the healthcare industry.

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