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Our client, a fintech start-up named B Generous, wanted to create a new app that would allow users to make donations to non-profits using a "give now, pay later" model. They believed that this model would encourage more people to donate to non-profits by giving them the ability to donate without having to pay upfront.


The biggest challenge was to create a platform that would be easy to use and secure for both donors and non-profits. We also had to ensure that the app would be compliant with all regulatory requirements for financial transactions.


After analyzing the requirements and researching the market, we proposed a mobile app solution that would allow users to sign up and create an account. Users would then be able to browse through a list of non-profits that had partnered with the app and choose the one they wanted to donate to.

The app would then allow users to select the amount they wanted to donate and schedule the payment for a later date. The app would automatically charge the user's account on the scheduled date and transfer the funds to the non-profit's account.

We also implemented several security measures, including two-factor authentication and encryption of all sensitive data. We ensured that the app was fully compliant with all relevant regulations for financial transactions.


The app was launched successfully and received positive feedback from users and non-profits alike. Users appreciated the convenience of being able to donate without having to pay upfront, and non-profits saw an increase in donations from new users.


Creating a fintech app for donations to non-profits using a "give now, pay later" model was a challenging but rewarding experience. Our team was able to deliver a solution that was easy to use, secure, and compliant with all regulatory requirements. The app has made a positive impact on the non-profit sector and has encouraged more people to donate to causes they care about.

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