Beautiful Work + Passionate People

Building digital products to enhance the human experience.

Our goal is to have a positive impact in people’s lives, and this applies to our employees, as well. We believe that if we focus on people and the quality of our work, the rest will take care of itself.

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What we believe

Our Values

Be Nice

Kindness is everyone's responsibility.

Work Hard

Build something you are proud of.

Push Yourself

You are your own best competitor.

Have Fun

Fun accelerates creativity and learning.

Be Responsible

Take ownership of problems, not just your own.

Stay Curious

Question everything, get better, iterate.

We Are Few

Our People

Partner & CEO

Zack Hill

Partner & CCO

Arlton Lowry

Director of Projects

Sarah Devine

Director of Strategy

John Whitman

Finance & Administration

Correne Spero

Brand Strategist

Brent Fulford

Product Owner

Adam Chesnes

Product Owner

Jaron McTee

Project Manager

Maeghen Carter

Project Manager

Alysha Hemani

Senior Designer

Calvin Bramlett

Senior Designer

John Cater


Michelle Trostel


Ben Northrup


Shireen Hashemi


Stephane Kadja


Yahya Suid

Mobile Lead

Kim Brandwijk

Mobile Developer

Trevor Pennington

Senior Developer

Alex Chalupka

Senior Developer

Wade Austin

Senior Developer

David Brooks

Senior Developer

Ryan Lowery

Senior Developer

Elliott Lawson


Andy Pickle


Hugo De la Rosa


Devan Hare


Dane Slatten


Kyle Adkins


Shunquez Lee



Few is a remote-based company with talented people around the globe.

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Thought Leaders

We believe in supporting our community.

Since its inception, Few has worked diligently to support its local, regional and national community through its conference, Made by Few, its design completion, Designed by Few, and various smaller events like Public Figures and Fireside Chats.