Project Type

Mobile App




Arkansas State University


Bringing campus connectivity to the online student experience.

Arkansas State University seeked to provide online-only students and other potential students a unique way to be more connected with the college-life experience, the campus, and others within the online student network of ASU.

Few helped A-State create the A-State Connect platform centered around student-driven communication and engagement while allowing the university to insert valuable content, events, and potential career options into the conversation. Creating the "who you know" network that is often missing from an online-only student's college experience.


  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • UX / UI Design

Mobile Application Design & Development

Few collaborated with university staff and students to create a unique UX/UI that puts all the users needs just a tap away. Since this is a user focused application that would require support of both iOS and Android devices, Few leaned on React Native to develop A-State Connect.

Communication & User Profile

The A-State Connect platform offers a wide range of options and functionality. The core of the application is focused on communication, using a modern day channel messaging concept, the app allows for students to have full discussions around topics ranging from coursework to potential jobs in their local market. Faculty at A-State can get involved in the conversation and insert useful information into shared public channels.

Other Functionaility

Beyond the communication channels, the A-State Connect platform also offers job listings, upcoming events, latests news and social posts. Each user also has a profile to share their major, graduation date and location if they choose.